Nos adaptamos constantemente a las necesidades del mercado, desarrollando los siguientes nuevos servicios:

Ecological Concealment Construction

Ecological Concealment Services

Aware of the needs of the market, Guzmán Nacich has developed a service to provide and install ecological camouflage solutions for both new and existing works and structures.

In 2000, we started the first monopole concealment project to resemble an Austrian pine tree. Then, in response to the needs and requirements of our different clients, we included other tree concealments for monopoles such as the Imperial Palm. Thanks to their top quality, we have managed to export these products mainly to Central America, North America and the Caribbean.

Over the years, the visual impact of structures on our cities has become a relevant issue to be addressed. To this effect, we have created a range of self-supporting panels which are transparent to the radiation of antennas and can merge with any kind of façade. We have panels with a finishing resembling plaster, stone, wood beams, concrete block and facing brick.

In 2005, our company made the first building concealment in the City of Buenos Aires with panels resembling facing brick and plaster on a building located at Paseo Colón Avenue, which has been declared "CULTURAL HERITAGE OF THE CITY OF BUENOS AIRES".

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Construction Services

Our company has an independent business unit that provides construction services for civil works. We have gained experience and capitalized on our expertise for the execution of architectural works devoted mainly to the construction of operational centers called MTSO, shelters to house transmission equipments as well as administrative and customer service offices. Over time, our construction services for civil works have adapted to the changing needs of the market, addressing both small-scale emergencies of different carriers and large-scale reform projects.

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